The Year 2000 (Y2K)
Computers created in the late 1900’s were designed to have the date as two numbers. For example, “1999” would be written as “99.” As t
he year 2000 arrived, it created a scare in the technological world because researchers thought that the computer would revert back to the year 1900 and the technology would fail as a result because it would not recognize the year in the memory. Some thought that the world would go dark at midnight on January 1, 2000. As the time approached, many realized that nothing changed and no electronics shut down and the widespread panic diminished. This was because for many years before Y2K, computer companies worked to fix the glitch that worried so much of th e world. Y2K impacted history in a great way.
Many people felt that the New York Stock Exchange was able to reassemble its systems after September 11, 2001 because of the Y2K repair work they had done years before. As the 21st century came through, it marked the new arrival of smarter, more efficient technology.