Michael Jackson’s Death
July 25, 2009. The day Michael Jackson, known as the “King of Pop,” died suddenly, the world was in disbelief. Michael Jackson came from a very large family- he had 9 brothers and sister, and began his singing and dancing career when he was young. In 1963, the Jackson 5 began performing. He released dozens of albums to the public and released the world’s best-selling album- Thriller- in 1982. Seven out of the album’s nine songs hit No. 1 on the billboards. At age 50, Jackson died after being taken to the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. Questions still linger about how Jackson had died, because it was so sudden and unexpected. He had an addiction to prescription drugs and was given Propofol, a strong drug that could cause heart failure. Below is a news report about Jackson's death. The public reaction was enormous and cause a ton of grief throughout the world.