Technology in 2010
The cell phone has been a magnificent innovation from the 2000's to now. It has grown significantly and new technology has been introduced. The cell phone is a vital part of every day life for the average American. Throughout the years phones have developed and new technology such as the iPhone and Droid are new and have things such as internet and cameras on them. By May 2010, the percent of cell phone users has increased and 76% of all users use their phones to take pictures. 72% use them to send and receive texts, 34% use their phones to play games and recieve e-mails, 38% of phone users use them to use the internet, and 33% play music. Due to the increase in Cell Phones, YouTube videos have increased by 160% in the last year (Cell Phone Statistics).
Cell phones have also been negative in our society. Many fatalities have been caused due to the use of cell phones while driving. This kind of thing can be prevented, though, with laws regulating cell phone use while driving. It is illegal to drive while talking on the cell phone in eight states; California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Washington, the District of Columbia and the Virgin
Islands prohibit all drivers from using cell phones while driving.
One great innovation in the last few years has been online social networking systems. Throughout the last decade, systems such as Facebook and MySpace have been formed to reconnect people. There are other systems such as Skype and Oovoo which let you video chat online with someone as if you are face to face. Though these websites are wonderful and helpful, they are proven to have da
ngerous sexual predators and online bullying on them which has been a problem for many younger users throughout the world.
The internet has also benefited the economy in a major way. Now, many people use it to shop online. All of this online shopping benefits the economy and spending on goods. Even grocery stores have online shopping to deliver produce to people's very own doors. Ten years ago, this would have never thought to have been possible to do. The world keeps advancing in technology with each new inventions we create. What's next?