London Subway Bombings
It was a normal morning in London, England on July 7, 2005. Everyday people walked by and took transportation on their daily routines. Everything was normal that day until around 9:00 AM that morning. This day would be a day that no one would ever forget. Four bombs were released into the city that day. The bombers were a series of Muslim men. The four men carried out the bombings were motivated by the teachings of Osama Bin Laden. A significant reason why they released the bombs was to get revenge at London for being involved in the Iraq War.
The first bomb was released at 8:50 AM, and hit the back of number 204 train traveling between Liverpool Street and Algate. This bomb separately killed 7 innocent citizens. The second bomb released landed on train number 216 immediately after the first bomb at Edgeware Road and was heading for Paddington killing 6 people. The third and final bomb to hit the subway system hit train number 311, traveling between King's Cross and Russell Square, damaging the back and front of the previous train killing a whopping 26 people. A fourth bomb exploded an hour later on a double-decker bus where 13 died. London issued a Code Amber Alert at 9:19 AM, and the London Underground shut down.
The explosions were caused by home-made peroxide-based devices, packed into rucksacks and detonated by the actual bombers. All four of the bombers died in the attack. A massive seven hundred people were injured by the explosions, and fifty-two were killed including the four bombers. The graph below shows the route of the four bombers; Shehzad Tanweer, Lindsey Germaine, Mohammad Sidique Khan, and Hasib Hussain.


1 The four men arrive at King's Cross Thameslink station from Luton. They go to the tube station and fan out on different lines (BBC News)
2 Shehzad Tanweer takes the Circle line eastbound. Bomb explodes between Liverpool St and Aldgate (BBC News)
3 Lindsey Germaine takes the Piccadilly line south. The train blows up before the first stop at Russell Square (BBC News)
4 Mohammad Sidique Khan takes the Circle line westbound. Bomb explodes at Edgware Rd (BBC News)
5 Hasib Hussain may have tried the Northern line but he ends up on the No. 30 bus. Bomb explodes at Tavistock Square (BBC News)
This event impacted the lives of many Muslim men because the conspiracies gave a reputation to Muslim people relating to both this conspiracy and the September 11, 2001 Bombing of the Twin Towers. This event brought America and England closer in the joint fear of Osama Bin Laden and his terrorist plots. This is a report of the train Shehzad Tanweer bombed.